Zaffera ™, as a reality rooted in the territory of Alghero, offers the opportunity to participate on a voluntary basis in the collection and practice phases in the field. It also proposes, in line with the research and personal attitudes of the participating guests, a universe of collateral activities: aggregation and sharing of personal events in the sign of a conviviality gathered during the spice processing phases, sharing of gestures and narration of knowledge; for lovers of photography the opportunity to document the charm of the peasant life and the beauty of the area; for quiet researchers and practitioners of meditation and yoga, the ability to experience the alignment of the inner breath with the life cycle of nature, through concentration on breath and conscious movement you will be guided to the experience of tranquility and introspection. The inner silence will create the space for you to open up and receive the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. Moments of interpersonal and intergenerational encounters.

The passion that involves Mirella in living this ancient craft is so overwhelming that it is almost impossible to escape the harmonious charm of contact with the soil. The slow rite of the fading, which induces to dwell on the details not only those of the gesture that you are making, but also on your own life, will absorb all the attention, removing it from the vortex of thoughts that accompanies human existence.

Bowing the hips to collect the flower, sitting around a table, together with other probably unknown ones, slows down our work and makes us enjoy the pleasure of slow steps on earth.

Harvest frequency:

October / November: flowering,
harvesting, cleaning and drying of saffron

December / January / February: saffron weeding

May / June: removal and cleaning of bulbs

September: bulb transplantation

The most magical period to visit Zaffera ™ is at the time of flowering, you can participate in the collection of the flower with its peeling / fading and drying of the saffron stigmas and in the collateral activities scheduled and overnight in the main building. Zaffera ™ invites you to get in touch to discuss the details.

Throughout the year it is also possible, for those who cannot live the direct experience of the countryside, to discover and deepen their knowledge of Zaffera ™ by agreeing on a moment of relationship, tasting and learning and reliving the practice through Mirella’s images and words .